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      I believe that introspection is essential when attempting to achieve personal growth within the fascinating construct of the human psyche. I also believe change is constant and life is cyclical. For these reasons I keep myself in a constant state of observation and self-analysis, so that when it comes time to put the marks to the surface I can free my mind and attempt to tune in to my subconscious. 
    This self-examined journey allows me the opportunity to express a variety of emotions through the use of line, form and color. Each decision is instinctual and influences the next. I never know where the process will take me or how the final image will look. It is imperative to recognize each choice as an opportunity to uncover the known, reveal the unknown, and to continue without abandon.
    Making marks, observing, destroying, creating space, creating dimension, going flat, scratching, rubbing, wiping, waiting, continuing through fear and doubt and manic certainty. All these things and more influence the final aesthetic of each painting. It is my hope that these works breathe life and are relatable to a wide audience. 

I want to hear from you! You can reach me here:


Jonathan Biehl Art


Phone:          +1 832 4651156
Email:            jbiehlart@gmail.com

Facebook:      jonathanbiehl56

Instagram:     @jbiehlart

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